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Sleep Consultants

Is lack of sleep a problem in your home?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the effects of a lack of sleep on your child's behavior may not be obvious initially. Sleep deprivation is a cumulative problem and the impact becomes more obvious over time.

As adults we also have our own sleep needs and, when we are caring for children, it can be a matter of safety as your lack of sleep can affect your ability to function. If you fall asleep while driving or are so exhausted that you stumble or fall, both you and your baby could be at risk.

How we know if our children have a sleep problem?

The first step is to consult your doctor and ask questions about your baby's health and sleep habits. If your doctor feels that your baby does not have a sleep disorder, but you still think his or her sleep needs are not being met, it is recommended that you consider seeking help from a professional sleep consultant.

A sleep consultant is not a sleep trainer - sleep training is just one of the services we offer. A sleep consultant is a trained professional who will help determine your child's sleep needs and then guide you through the best approach to improve his or her sleep habits. There is always a chance that the sleep consultant's assessment will conclude that your child does not have a serious sleep problem.

How we work with you?

We initially book a home consultation (if you are in the Greater Toronto Region), or a Skype or phone consultation (for those outside of the GTA) through which we will get familiar with you and your child.

We will then provide you with a questionnaire to complete in order to inform us about your child's health, sleep habits, daily routine as well as your parenting style, family dynamics and expectations.

Once we have assessed the information that you have provided through the home consultation and questionnaire we will contact you again to offer some options in terms approaches/methods/suggestions for you to consider. Depending on how you choose to proceed we will draft a sleep plan for you to follow in your home with our daily guidance. A sleep plan is written whether your situation is a sleep training case or not.


Sleep training is just one of the services we provide but we do not start the process without gently going through the transitions that a child needs. We do not always need to implement sleep training as sometimes it is a just matter of setting up an appropriate schedule. Often the child might be staying awake for too long in between sleep periods so we simply adjust those intervals and the problem is solved. Occasionally parents realize the child is going from having two naps to just one so we adjust times to improve the situation.

In other cases, the parents request to sleep train the child because he or she wakes frequently during the night or the parents want to transition the child from their bed to his or her own bed. We will work on this transition gradually before doing anything else. Then once the child is accustomed to their own bed and sleep environment we will evaluate the situation again to determine what else needs to be done.

Continuing Support Afterwards

Often children will have other transition issues after our initial adjustments are implemented, which is why we believe in a longer sleep consultation process rather than just helping for a week or two then leaving. Children may get sick, travel to another time zone, have a new nanny or go to daycare all of which can interfere with their sleep again. We are here to support you by offering unlimited email support for at least 2 months (or more depending on the package you choose) from the Sleep Plan. Many of our customers have gladly taken advantage of this offer.


Every parent feels more assured when they hear what has worked for other parents. We can readily offer the email addresses and phone numbers of many satisfied clients who will provide the assurance you need to make an informed decision.

How to hire us?

If you are in Toronto area you can either call or email us to book a home or a phone consultation. If you are outside the Toronto area, please contact us through email and we will reply within 24 hours.

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