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"Our post-partum doula recommended Marcia to us when our 5-month-old daughter (who had never really been a great sleeper anyway) suddenly began waking up every 30 minutes to 1 hour overnight. Not only did it seem like she had completely lost any self-soothing skills she may have once had, she also refused to sleep at all in her crib anymore (back in bed with us she went). We were all losing sleep and my husband and I were going a little crazy. We wondered when we would ever be able to sit down and have a conversation together in the evenings. And when would we ever put that video monitor to good use??

Marcia developed a sleep plan for us, and within the first night of us implementing it, we saw improvements. We chose a more gentle approach where we were physically with her when she needed us during the night. All it took was 30 minutes of crying at the beginning of the first night - and our daughter was already a much, much better sleeper. We almost couldn't believe the amazing progress that happened in that first night.

Over the next few weeks, we were amazed at the way she self-soothed at the beginning of the night and after each feeding overnight. Marcia was always available to support us via e-mail, and was always extremely responsive to all of our questions. Within 6 weeks of consistent sleep training with Marcia's support, our daughter slept through the night!!

She's now 8 and a half months old and has been consistently sleeping 12 hours overnight, straight through, ever since. Marcia also helped us with her transition into her own room. We're all much happier for it - and my husband and I have a few hours each night to spend time together and watch our daughter sleeping beautifully on the video monitor."


"When my husband and I decided to work with Marcia, our son was 12 months old and waking up 3-4 times a night wanting to feed. This pattern had been going on for weeks and I was also suffering from post-partum depression. Marcia came to our house to do the sleep training. She reassured us every step of the way and gave us the confidence to stick through it. Marcia stayed with us for 4 nights and since that time, our son has been a fantastic sleeper. He is now 4 years old.

When our daughter was 6 months old, we decided to do the sleep training with her. She had severe colic up to that point and sometimes would wake up every hour because it had become a habit for her. Again, Marcia came to our house and comforted us through the sleep training process. Our daughter will be 2 in April and she sleeps through the night.

Whenever there are little disruptions in sleep because of time change or sickness, Marcia is always there to offer help. I still call her regularly and now consider her a friend. I don't know what we would have done without her help. Our children too, are much happier knowing how to sleep alone and fall back asleep if they wake up in the night. It is an important skill we are happy they have learned for life."


"Before we met Marcia, we were just going through the motions. Our son was waking us up every 45 minutes or so. The longest stretch of sleep we had over a 6 month period was 2 hours at best. We were all miserable, including our new baby boy. Between being a new mom, breastfeeding constantly, fighting with my husband and not sleeping, I wasn't enjoying this new little gift I was holding. I read book after book on how to help your baby sleep.

Finally, I found Marcia - our sleep angel. As soon as we met her, my husband and I both loved her. She was kind and soft spoken, but it was clear she meant business and her resolve to help our family actually made me cry tears of happiness. My son was 8 months old at this point. Marcia explained that we were at a very critical point given habits are much harder to break as you near the one year mark.

She worked very closely with us. Guiding us and supporting us no matter what time of day it was. We worked on getting his night sleeping under control and no word of a lie, within 5 days, our son was only waking up once or twice through the night. After day 10, he was sleeping for almost 12 hours straight. He is now 5 years old and we have not had any issues since!

When we look back on this time, which we often do, we're still amazed. We contacted Marcia again when we had our second child because her unwavering support and guidance made us better parents. I know that sounds cliché, but when we feel rested, we're better prepared and able to cope and manage our day to day life. Not to mention, we're happier and more energetic which is what our boys needed more than anything. So as much as we contacted Marcia to help our sons get a restful sleep, it was a benefit to our entire family.

I honestly don't know how we would have got through those times if it had not been for Marcia."


"At 9 months, my daughter still wasn't sleeping through the night on a regular basis. I was exhausted, my husband and I tried to Ferberize on our own with no success, if anything we made the situation worse. With only pages from a book for reference and no one to advise us on how to adjust the method to suit our child's needs, we searched for a sleep doula to help us out. Marcia was kind, accommodating and understood our situation with her many years of experience.

Together, we tried a couple of different methods before finding the one that fits us. Marcia walked and talked us through those first difficult nights and we started to see results within the same week. Helping a child learn to sleep through the night is hard work, and Marcia reassured me during all of my weak moments that this is a process and the end result will be worthwhile -- she was right.

Less than a month, my little night screamer was now sleeping a full 12-14 hours every night, on her own, in her crib. She was happier during the day, she ate better, and now at 24 months we have a bedtime routine that goes off without a hitch where she voluntarily turns the lights off, goes upstairs and looks forward to her good night's rest. I am truly thankful to have found Marcia and had I known about her I would've reach out to her much sooner! Thank you for giving me and my family our sleep back!"


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